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As U.S. District Court Judge Morrow stated, when she remanded the lawsuits against the DGA and WGA back to state court, the rights that generate the so-called foreign levies, that the companies have gone to every extreme not only to keep from us but to take for themselves, were created by amendments to copyright laws in foreign countries and not by any collective bargaining between the unions that represent writers, actors and directors and the entertainment companies which employ us.

When, on February 7, 2007, Emma Leheny (CSB No. 196167), in federal court, stated as “factual background” that - “the monies generated for authors were going 100% to companies that have a collective bargaining relationship with these two labor unions. That is where the money was when the dispute began.” - she was not speaking truthfully.

When Daniel Scott Schecter (CSB No. 171472), on that same date, in that same courtroom, told Judge Morrow that - “But for the efforts of the unions no writer or director would be receiving their share. It would be entirely held by management.” - he committed perjury.

In clause 6 of the secret SAG agreement, the companies agree to give SAG a cut of the monies that the union will be, without the authorization or knowledge of its members, unlawfully accessing. And, if SAG chooses to, it doesn’t have to pay any actor one cent of what they collect in his/her name.

You are looking at a living example of what it would look like if the mob ever put a deal into writing.

Every major star, every journeyman actor in the history of motion pictures and televison has been a victim of clause 6 of this fetid agreement.

The question now is, why, Mr. Rosenberg, why, Mr. McCord, have you been silent?

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This is referenced as a settlement agreement and if , indeed, writers, actors and directors had actually been so lunatic as to agree to give any percentage of these monies to our employers then this is what the agreement would look like.

After we receive our monies, they don’t break our legs if we pay them the agreed-to protection.

Then when filing our income tax returns we would be able to deduct those amounts.

Although SAG, the DGA and the WGA have put these agreements into evidence in federal and state court, key clauses have been ignored.

Instead of receiving the monies due us and then paying the settlement sum , the unions, as the agreements with the rights societies reveal, instruct the societies to wire trasnsfer the amounts promised our employers into the foreign bank accounts of trade associations.

We indemnify the societies for 100% of the monies because those amounts remain in our names when the societies do their yearly filings with their respective governments.

If we want to sue the societies for what should have been paid us, we will be successful and have agreed to pay ourselves not only the monies that were diverted to our employers but all reasonable court and attorney fees.

As I’ve stated, they have contempt for us.

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Document (continued)


After negotiating and signing the agreements in silence and then, to this day, March 7, 2008, concealing the existence of the agreements, the unions began filing contracts in which writers, actors and directors are required to waive our rights to these monies – in violation of this non-derogation clause.

This needs repeating.

Although the secret agreements state that all parties “agree not to act in derogation of the terms of this agreement and to use reasonable efforts to ensure full compliance” with its terms, the counsel at SAG, at the WGA, and the DGA, even after the lawyer who represented each union in the negotiation of these agreements, Jay Roth (CSB No.59946), became executive director of the DGA, have been filing thousands and thousands of contracts in violation of this non-derogation clause. Consider this – the unions travel around the world as our representatives, dutifuly exercising our rights, but then are forced to hand the cash that’s scored over to our employers because we went and assigned them our rights.Yeah, right.

The Attorney Complaint Hotline for the State Bar of California is 1-800-843-9053.

If you are calling from outside California, the Attorney Complaint Hotline is 213-765-1200.

Now, after you’ve finished shouting “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore,” close the window or leave it open, whatever, but press the speed dial on your cell for either your agent or attorney and have them call the unions and instruct them to correct every contract you’ve signed since 1990.

We will then experience something we have never experienced before – the staffs of the unions doing work that is in our interests.

(c) 2008 by Eric Hughes